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2016 - April 4

If you're looking for a relaxing and fish filled day on San Diego Bay, Captain Alan Clowers is your guy. Our party of four, three generations, caught seven species of fish including 15 hard fighting Bonefish. Alan connects exceptionally well with kids ensuring a fun filled day for all. I highly recommend Captain Clowers Charters. Emil Bohn

-Emil Bohn

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2016 - March

We found Captain Clowers through a referral and were very impressed! We did a half day fishing trip for rock fish and had a blast!!! Next time we come back there's no question who we'll be calling for our fishing adventure. Thank you Capt Clowers and Dennis too!

Thanks Jeromy.

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2015 - September

Thank you so much for the best fishing trip we have ever been on! We have fished both coasts, Texas gulf and all over and this was the best hands down. The spots you picked were non stop hits and I think 3 of us brought back over 300# of fish that half day even with the seal that found us towards the end! I highly recommend you to anyone and everyone who wants to fish in the Pacific off California and Mexico. The best Hamachi I have ever eaten was cut fresh off our catch there in San Diego that day. I am looking forward to another trip out to California next year, I look forward to fishing with you again on a longer voyage Captain! You really came through for my friends Bachelor party fishing trip.

James Shepherd
Cyber Security Analyst
Security Mammals
Long Island, New York

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2015 - September 13

Hi Alan,
My 9 year old son and I have done several trips with Captain Clowers. Every trip has been great fun. Captain Clowers is great with the kids and always suggests the appropriate trip. And he always goes the extra mile in finding the fish. At the end of the trip we always leave his boat with a smile and looking forward to our next trip! I can't recommend him enough for your next fishing adventure!

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2015 - August 18

Captain Clowers,
We had a great day fishing the spots That had been hot all week. Nada.

But Alan found a super productive paddy that produced 3 Dorado. Five yellowtail. One awesome yellowfin. The man is awesome! You wanna catch fish? The man is awesome!

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2015 - August 18

Dear Captain Clowers:
Thank you for making my grandson's first off-shore fishing trip a magical one! He has called or tweeted his friends and family about the experience. Catching Yellowfin tuna was only the beginning for him: when you re-rigged to enable him to catch the 7 foot hammerhead shark that circled our boat his day became a once in a lifetime event!

I think raising boys gave you a way with them and you demonstrated that yesterday with Jasper.

Thanks so very much,
Bill Campbell

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2015 - August 6

Dear Alan,
Thank you again for another wonderful and fun offshore fishing trip this past weekend. This was our fifth summer fishing trip with you and again it was the highlight of our family reunion trip. Borrowing your description the fishing was "epic" and you and your capable crew Trevon again put us in great position to catch all those large yellowtails, Mahi Mahi's, and the spectacular tunas. Lol my arm was still sore the next morning from fighting the large tunas. I was most impressed by the way you located the yellowtails and the large tunas in the open sea! We had a lot of fun and can't wait until our next trip with you! Enjoy the rest of the summer!


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2015 - August 3
I had such an AMAZING time on my fishing trip with Al! Al confidently navigated us to where the fish were biting all throughout the day! As a 1st timer deep sea fishing I was a little nervous I wasn't going to know what to do, but as soon as we got to the first kelp patty, dropped in the line, I got a bite and Al was throwing on a belt for me to help me reel it in, instructing me as I went... Sure enough, I caught 2 tuna right off the bat! I ended up catching a handful of fish as big as me and left with a packed cooler! It was an amazing experience and I definitely can't wait to do it again!

-Debra Peterson

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2015 - June 30
Went out with Alan for the third time. Still learned a lot to make me more dangerous to the fish.

We caught four 30 lb plus yellowtail on a day when the radio recognized a lot of people found fish but couldn’t get them to bite. Only one other boat out of many had fish.

If you want to get on the fish and land'em, Alan is your guide

-Bob Nugent

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2015 - June 2
Hi Alan.

I wanted to write and say thanks for the great time on the Pacific Ocean.

We can’t wait to go out again in September with you.

-Kirk & Katie

2015 - May 27
Been fishing with Captain Clowers since my son was born 5 years ago.

It was nice to take my son out on a Bay trip for his 5th B-Day. Incredible experience. Caught bass, unlimited bonefish strikes, a shark and topped it off with a rare catch "Covina" a large keeper, good eating. Nobody can say they know where the fish are from day to day but Clowers can say he knows how to find them! I highly recommend his fish trips.

-Jim Whittier

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2015 - May 22
I was a bit apprehensive booking our first salt water fishing trip ever, but our long trip from South Dakota was more than worth it. Captain Clowers was great with my kids and put them in a great position to catch fish. We have been fishing as a family many times, but used his coaching to put some in the boat.

Our early morning resulted in quite a few bay bass. Knowing that the kids really wanted the hook a shark, we moved and immediately hooked up with a bunch of sharks, rays and bonefish. It was probably the best couple hours on the water we have ever had fishing. He definitely knew where to go.

I am already in talks to come back and fish again this year on a offshore trip. I wouldn't consider booking with anyone else.


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2015 - May 1
Have been out with Alan a couple times.  Learned a lot to help me catch more fish in the future. We caught lots of fish even when those around us didn't.  Alan knows how to find fish, show you a great time, and make you a better fisherman.



2015 - April 26
My sister and I had such an unbelievable time fishing with you! The action was non-stop! We limited out by 10:30 and we're surround by boats having no success at all. Then continued to kill 'em for the rest of the day! I've been charter fishing in San Diego for 10+ years and have never gone with the same captain twice. Well that's all changed. I'll never go on any other boat again! Can't wait to go again!

Thanks again captain!

-Joe Hotchkiss
Electrotec Contracting Inc
Macomb, MI

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2015 - April
review april 2015We had a blast with you today. My buddies and I want to thank you for your guidance and your patience. We learned a lot out there. Catching those yellowtails was a lot of fun. I truly recommend Captain Clowers Charter services to anyone, even beginners like our group. Hope to go offshore fishing again with you soon. Happy Easter and thanks again!!

-Danny Garcia

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2015 - January
I've been on a lot of fishing trips, but just purchased my first fishing boat. I figured I could learn the hard way, or learn the easy way by hiring Captain Clowers to show me the ropes. I learned more in one day with Captain Clowers than I would have learned in a month on my own - plus we had a great time! Highly recommend Captain Clowers to anyone who wants to fast forward their boating and fishing knowledge.

-Timothy McLarney

2015 - January
2015 january clowersHey Captain, I wanted to thank you again for the fishing trips we took with ya last week. It was a good time and you had us catching fish all day. The lobster trip was a great experience, my whole family thanks ya for that one. Best lobster feast we've ever had. We will be calling you again.

-Sean Hauter

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