San Diego Fishing Charters and Guided Fishing Trips

Charter Trips:

Captain Clowers has fully customizable fishing trips that can be specified to how you want it. Standard trips include:

Saltwater - Offshore & Bay Fishing (Click Here for Rates)
Out past the kelp beds and out on the ocean is where we do Offshore Fishing for: tuna, dorado, yellowtail, marlin, wahoo, mako shark, thresher shark, calico bass, halibut, albacore, bluefin and white sea bass. A bit further out, are the Coronado Islands where you'll find some of the kelp fish, seabass and calico bass. The bay is a nice place to take your kids on a trip to teach them the basics of catching fish. The species in the bay consist of; bonefish, bass, halibut, corvina, bay sharks, spotted bay bass, sand bass, mackerel, and many other great fighting and eating saltwater fish. Click here for where we will meet.

Freshwater - San Diego's Many Lakes (Click Here for Rates)
Alan offers fresh water Fishing for; Bass, Catfish, Striper, Blue Gill, Trout and many others. All of these species are edible here in San Diego. We have Otay Lakes which is Alan's home territory. We have El Capitan, Hodges, Murray, San Vicente which are all great fisheries. Alan knows all the latest secrets and trades of fishing these lakes. Spend the day with him, and watch all his techniques and catch the fish of your lifetime. Click here for where we will meet.

Lobster Fishing (Click Here for Rates)
When lobster season starts, Captain Clowers will be the first fishing guide to take anyone lobster fishing.

Surfing (Click Here for Rates)
Alan has been surfing all his life and can take anyone surfing. Let Captain Clowers show you where to ride the best waves.

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All trips include cold refreshments (non-alcoholic - soda, water, gatorade), and snacks (chips, crackers, etc)Each fisherman is also able to bring their own drink of choice, sack lunch, or specialty snacks if they choose.

And of course, each trip covers your tackle (rods, reels, lures) and baits. All you need is some sunscreen, CA Fishing license and a smile