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Epic Offshore Tuna Fishing

Epic offshore tuna fishing going on right now! The yellowfin are in big schools and actually responding and biting wide open. Once we find them, it's non-stop action 'till we either get limits or the clients tire out. We have had several stops where we load the boat and the fish stay with us for 3 hours.

Anyway, now is the time to book a trip! Tight lines, Captain Clowers!

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Fishing Report for 6-13-16

Epic bluefin fishing continues. If you want a shot at a fish of a lifetime now is the time to book a trip! Tight lines Captain Clowers book!

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Bluefin Fishing Report for 6-2-16

Epic blufin fishing fishing! They are coming on poppers, surface iron and mackerel. Today, we got them on the kite. Crazy stuff going on in our local waters. Now is the time to book!

Fishing Report for 5-3-16

Off the charts is all I can say about the yellowtail action right now. It's all surface iron fishing under birds. It's as good as it gets. Now is the time to book.

Epic Yellowtail. 5-2-16

Epic surface iron yellowtail fishing today. We had 27 nice big yellowtail. Crazy surface iron bite, it's time to book a trip!!

-Captain Alan

San Diego and Northern Baja Fish Report. 4-19-16

Can you say TUNA & YELLOWTAIL? Thats what's going on offshore right now!!! We have had big bluefin right in our backyard and down the Baja Coast. Also, the yellowtail bite at the islands and down the coast is going full speed. The bluefin are being found under birds and meter marks. It's amazing when you get in the right area the ocean erupts with big boiling bluefin from 50 to 100 lbs. It's a sight to see let alone to tie into them big boys. On the yellowtail seen its a variety of ways to catch them. We've been catching them on bait, surface iron and slow trolling. We have great weather now with good flat calm seas. It's like summer in san diego now and we have tuna in April. All I can say is its time to book a trip either now or at least get on the books because its going to get filled up. 

OH! And if your looking to fish the bay it's going full speed too. Bonefish, bass, halibut bay sharks are all biting. Hope to see all of you on the boat hooking fish and having a good time.

-Captain Clowers

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Offshore / Islands Fishing Report 4-17-16

The offshore season is getting off to an EPIC start. There are big bluefin right in our back yard, meaning big 60 to 100 lbrs. The fish that are close are coming up on bait and showing themselves. I mean big schools boiling and frothing the water just turns white with foam. We have been getting them on surface iron. They are so thick that you can feel your Iron bounce off there backs. We have even foul hooked some. The fish that are down on the 60 mile bank are smaller grade from 15 to 30 lbs and are chewing sardines on plunker bite with light line must have fluorocarbon in the 15 to 20 lb. They are also eating colt snipers and flat falls. We have some good weather this week and they will be chewing!!!

On the yellowtail action there is some in the 10 lb class at ribbon kelp those fish are biting the rapala, surface iron and sardines. I troll the rapala on 50 lb to get them in the boat quick due to the sea lions. All bait rods and surface iron are 40 lb and they are not line shy. Its crazy when you get the right school they come to the boat and its all surface and bait fishing till the sea lions get on us. I have been doing the cat and mouse with the sea lions. We get a few fish then run away from the sea lions wait till they come to our boat then run back over to the fish catch a few more real quick. There is some nice grade yellowtail at north island and the rockpile as well. Them fish are all under birds. Surface iron is the key to getting the breezers under birds. All I can say if you want some good fishing with good weather now is the time to book a trip. Hope to see you on the water.

-Captain Clowers

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San Diego Bay Fish Report for the Month of March 2016

The big bay has been off the hook with everything biting. Had a lot of bay charters and everybody had a real good time. The bay is an amazing fishery, it bites year round. Perfect place for families, kids, or expert fisherman. The bonefish are biting full speed too. Check out all the pics from recent trips.

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Offshore / Islands Fish Report 4-1-2016

We have been fishing the coronado islands and the yellowtail bite has been full speed the last few days we had 25 yellowtail 3 days ago on 3/4 day charter and yesterday we had 15 on 1/2 day charter. Medium size fish but alot of them. Nows the time to book an offshore trip :)

offshore / Islands fish report 4-1-2016 1 offshore / Islands fish report 4-1-2016 2 offshore / Islands fish report 4-1-2016 3 offshore / Islands fish report 4-1-2016 4

Offshore Fish Report 4-7-16

Breaking news! The bluefin are here and biting!!!! If you get on the right school of fish they are big and are biting. They are being found close and up to 60 miles. You never know where they will pop up. But i can tell you this: if you're not out fishing for them you are making a mistake. With the water temps just right now is bluefin time!!!! I'm running bluefin trips now. Call to book a trip of a lifetime! :)

Offshore Fish Report 4-7-16 1 Offshore Fish Report 4-7-16 2

San Diego Bay Fishing Report - March 2016

San Diego Bay is bitting full speed right now. Everything is biting: Bonefish, leopard sharks, bat rays, shovel nose, halibut, and the bass. This time of year is real good because all the bane fish and bay sharks are on the chew. We have been getting the bonefish on gosh shrimp with dropshot rig . All the sharks are coming on dead sardines and mackerel. Halibut on 3 to 5'' swim baits. And the bass on swim baits and the gulp. The surface temp is 63 to 66. I have had 4 trips this week and everybody is having a blast out there. All I can say if you want a good fun fishing charter, you can't beat the bay right now.

Tight Lines, Captain Clowers.

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Lobster Charter - Bachelorette Party

Had a blast with Sara and her Girlfriends on a bachelorette party. They pulled, baited and held the lobsters. These girls where a lot of fun. A ton of lobsters. but just a few shorts. Overall, a real nice time with some fun Ladies.

march lobster bachelorette party 1 march lobster bachelorette party 1 march lobster bachelorette party 1 march lobster bachelorette party 1

3-2-2016. A Recent Charter Trip

Here's a review from a customer who went out on a trip with me on March 2.

"We found Captain Clowers through a referral and were very impressed! We did a half day fishing trip for rock fish and had a blast!!! Next time we come back there's no question who we'll be calling for our fishing adventure. Thank you Capt Clowers and Dennis too!"

-Thanks Jeromy.

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San Diego bay fishing Charter report

The san diego bay is biting real good... this time of year the bay sharks go on the chew along with the bass, bonefish and halibut....we have epic wheather now just like summer its amazing here right now.... the fish are reacting good to alot of different baits. now is the time to book your private Charter.

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Breaking News On New Batch Of Nice Grade Yellowtail. - February 2016

Now that we are over the winter hump, we have real nice weather and the Yellowtail are on the move up the line. There is a big volume of 20 to 25 lb Yellowtail down at the finger bank and on the Rosorito Flats and some at the island as well; the fish being found on meter marks and up on the surface on creel. They are bitting the yo yo iron in blue and white and scrambled egg some on the rapallas as well one we find them its epic fishing.T there is also some good Rock Cod fishing down there too, with the water down there in the low 60's and clean looks like this stuff is going to be around and moving north. It's in 3/4 day range the weather is epic with winds from 10 knots and below.... now is the time to get on these fish... looking forward to putting you on some good grade fish.... see you on the water.
-Captain Clowers

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